Monday, 7 June 2010

Reflection in a spoon

Sorry to have been absent so long. I hope to catch up very soon...


  1. Welcome back dear friend - I was just about to write on your fb page!

    I'll post mine shortly.


  2. It's cute - very good drawing of the hand too. It's good you remembered to smile; I was too busy concentrating - LOL!

  3. Had you given up on me? :-)

    I once was on an fashion illustration course where we did a self portrait as home work every week for 8 weeks. It really taught me to smile when I draw myself because we every week had a row of severe frowning self portraits.

  4. LOL - a rogue's gallery?

    No, I hadn't given up on you. I know you've invested too much energy into this endeavour to give up so easily. I knew you were tired so was just going to offer you some encouragement.

    (Whatever happened to 'Ocean'?)

  5. Ha. Yes, it was quite a rogue's gallery. A line of sullen young women staring fixedly into the mirror.

    'Ocean' is the last challenge. Do you have something planned?