Saturday, 12 June 2010

Darkness over London

Inspired by Sharon, I also drew a cloud study from a picture of looming grey clouds over the river. I took the picture in London last summer because the scene reminded me of the opening of Heart of Darkness, so I thought it was a fitting motive. I haven't quite caught the looming feeling though, probably because there is still too much white on the paper - I really need to become better to work with colours.


  1. This is simply lovely and proves that darkness can be full of colour. I think the tonal values are fine; if you move your head (or push your laptop screen further back), it looks darker anyway. The clouds are quite vigorous and there's lots of movement over the still buildings so you have a lot to be proud of - great, great work.

  2. You are right, it works better if I push the laptop screen further back :-) I should probably scan the picture and make it darker in photofiltre. I am just not very often satisfied with things I make in water colour. I tend to overdo it and make a muddle. Here I worked with brushes and watercolour pencils which helped.