Friday, 23 July 2010

Sketches of an individual tree

More coursework - hot off the press! We had to draw four versions of an individual tree: a simple outline, foliage forms, outlines of the trunk and 'scribbled outlines' to indicate texture and foliage. I have been working from sketches and photographs from Cumbria a few weeks ago, done specifically with my coursework in mind. (Drawing ink and bamboo pen on cartridge paper.)


For this exercise, we had to draw a statue of interest and, again, I chose something I see often (and admire) on our walks around Marston; she's a 'statuette' really. There is also a 'king' on the right of this queen.

In autumn, the foliage on the house is an intense, deep, warm red.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010


A colleague did me a favour and I should like to make her a drawing in return. She used to work with gorillas and we always make jokes about gorillas, so I have been sketching gorillas. Their expressions are sometimes incredible human-like, but some of the face features like the nose are so different from humans. And then there is the fur - on the pictures I have found, the gorillas have this amazing shiny fur. It is quite difficult to draw.

Friday, 16 July 2010

End of the Walk

I have just completed these two images for my coursework. The exercise is to do a 'limited palette study' of one of our recently drawn perspective sketches. The scene is the end of a three mile walk we do regularly at Marston Locks and reservoirs, near Tring. If you follow the 'yellow route' clockwise from the car park, you end up overlooking the trees and pub. If it's late, it is all lit up which is nice.
I chose to use the traditional colours: brown, sanguine, black and white.

The original sketch is 10" square, whereas the coloured drawing is a 21" square and the vanishing points are quite a way to the left and right of the picture frames.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Technical drawing

This is the only drawing I have finished this week. It is a technical drawing of the jacket I am sewing (yes, I haven't managed to finish anything else because I was too busy sewing).

Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Prize

This refers to a verse in the Bible that ends "... a crown that will not fade." It refers to the transient and materialistic things that we pursue in our life that we cannot take with us but, instead, we should aim for a prize that will last forever.

I've included the initial sketch as it shows my initial plans for the shapes and also my pencil attempts at making the jewels sparkle. Need to outline the velvet thinly in white so it is visible.

Other artists in our team have painted trophies, plates, etc., but I have only included my own artwork here.

The Price

This represents 'the price' (or cost) involved. The athlete rises early, eats well and endures a punishing routine...

The Preparation: Old and New

As I've had absolutely no time to any additional artwork these past two weeks, Gry has suggested I show what has been pre-occupying me.

On the LHS is (a very young) Bobby Charlton with the old 1966 brown leather football and the old 4-4-2 formation chalkboard training plan. On the RHS is Stephen Gerrard in front of the newer 'diamond formation' on the now used whiteboard. Above them on the right is the skittish Jabulani football. I've had to 'fudge' the sponsors' names in every case for the sake of copyright.

Monday, 5 July 2010

View from south park

 Only managed some quick sketches this week. This one is probably the best of them, though the relative size of the people walking downhill is not quite right.