Ann's list of challenges

  1. Draw water surface: reflection, depths, and movement.
  2. Draw a tree 
  3. Draw movement
  4. Draw people from a great distance
  5. Draw people from above 
  6. Draw to music
  7. Draw sounds
  8. Draw yourself
  9. Draw yourself every day for a week
  10. Make a tiny drawing
  11. Make a huge drawing
  12. Do ten drawings on one page
  13. Do five drawings on top of one another
  14. Draw how something works
  15. Join a life drawing class
  16. Draw falling
  17. Draw rising
  18. Draw stillness, tranquility
  19. Draw frenzy
  20. Draw your profile
  21. Draw your profile by feeling your face
  22. Draw the back of you head
  23. Draw something that's alive as if it were dead
  24. Draw somethings thats's dead as if it were alive
  25. Draw an object using only touch, not sight
  26. Draw with your feet
  27. Draw with you mouth 
  28. Make a very, tentative drawing
  29. Make a drawing using water on paper
  30. Draw using only outlines
  31. Draw something that makes you glad
  32. Draw with a stick in the dirt
  33. Draw something then rub it out completely. Draw it again on the same page. Repeat.
  34. Use drawing to express the subjects 'essential' components
  35. Draw a crystalline structure
  36. Draw wind
  37. Draw using no lines
  38. Draw using only straight lines
  39. Draw using only curved lines
  40. Draw using only dots
  41. Make a drawing using only lines, none of which meet or intersect
  42. Draw with your breath on glass
  43. Do an anonymous drawing and post it through someone's letterbox
  44. Draw using string
  45. Draw with brush and ink
  46. Draw on newspaper, glass, acetate, plastic, metal, wood fabric
  47. Draw on your body surface and photograph results
  48. Draw with string by dipping it in ink
  49. Draw on some else's body and photograph results
  50. Make sequential drawings
  51. Draw on a wall and photograph results
  52. Give someone a drawing
  53. Draw a cartoon 
  54. Go to the drawing archive at the British museum and handle original drawings, sketchbooks and prints.
  55. Draw the environment as it passes you travel in a vehcile
  56. Draw the story of you life
  57. Draw clouds
  58. Draw up your list and choose something to do from it each day.