Monday, 28 June 2010

Old punts on the river

I try to work more with colours, in this case water soluble pencils and water colours, but I find it very difficult.


  1. Gry,

    This is actually a delightfully delicate piece of work; the shadows are beautifully rendered.

    However, if you want more colour, I would suggest pans or tubes, as opposed to pencils which tend not to hold so much pigment. Or you could enhance the very darkest areas using a very thin bamboo (which you like to use anyway).

    None of the above is necessary though - it's lovely!


  2. Thank you Sharon.

    I find it difficult to put a finger on why I am not satisfied with this drawing. Part of it is the colours - I have been working with this set of water colour pans for a while, but I end up mixing the same colours all the time.

    The other part is more difficult to explain. In the best of my line drawings, I think there is a combination of boldness and fragileness which I like. I just can't figure out how to bring the same feeling into things I make with colour.

    I guess I should experiment with different colour media, but my drawing time is so limited...