Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Gifts and Fruit

I mentioned that we'd been asked to illustrate 'gifts of the Spirit' to go with the 'fruits of the Spirit'. These are my contributions: the left is a 7"x5" acrylic painting before I cut it away, framed and wrapped it (I like the paint splodges!). The tidied up image was given as a 'gift' to an unsuspecting couple in the congregation (five other similar-sized paintings were given to other audience members to illustrate the fact that a true gift is not earned but given out of love, friendship, goodwill, etc., just because...
The gold box is a much larger painting after I cut it out; I propped it up against a meeting room window in order to photograph it before it was put on the backdrop with the other large ones. The 'gifts of the Spirit' are wisdom, mercy, leadership, serving, healing, hospitality, faith, prophecy and miracles (1 Cor. 12).
A heartwarmer: Only the six artists and the speaker knew the artists would be giving gifts during the service and we agreed to choose someone we either hadn't seen before or didn't know much about. Later, one of the recipients came and told us it was his birthday that day and he hadn't received any other gifts!
Back to the current challenge now...

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