Tuesday, 7 June 2011


I made this drawing from a picture on Flickr. I wish I had time to draw more faces, but I only had time to make three - this one is the best.

I am fascinated by the way our faces change with age, the way it shows the life we have led. It is more than just wrinkles. The skin sags which changes the expression of the face, especially the eyes. Skin, hair and lips get paler, which can make the colour of the eyes the more striking. The nose and ears continue to grow throughout life. I chose a very aged face, but really the challenge is to draw faces at different ages.

What I want to do with the weekly challenges this month is to explore how to draw a person's age. It may seem only tie loosely with the monthly challenge, but it is a problem I have had when I have tried to illustrate scenes from books, so I thought it was worth working a bit with.

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  1. Gry, I am really impressed with this drawing. As usual, you've managed to capture not only a likeness but also the character of the individual. This dear lady looks as though she's really interested in us, wants to ask something but is rather shy. As there is so much to be read into it, maybe that makes this drawing an illustration. Super!