Monday, 20 September 2010

New weekly challenges: Draw water surfaces

I feel I need some input in order to do a weekly drawing. I should like to try to make a set of illustrations for a story, but I don't have the time right now. Instead, I have thought of reviving the weekly challenge. At the end of the Exploring Illustration course, Ann gave us a list of exercises. I have added a page with the list, see link in the top left corner. Some of exercises are pretty weird, so I don't think I will do them all or do them in order. Instead I will just do the ones that inspire me, or fit with whatever I am doing that week.

This weekend I looked at the first exercise: Draw water surface: reflection, depths, and movement. I live very near the river, so I went down there and studied reflection and movement without drawing. Then I tried to make some drawings on the spot, but I also took some pictures and made the drawings from the pictures. I tried to paint small and larger waves at the same time, to show movement. There are a couple more water drawings on flickr.


  1. Flying to the Caribbean and staying near the sea, I've seen an awful lot of water recently. The sea was usually the phthalo blue colour you've used in your top image - lovely.

    The colours in the second image remind me of the lakes and tarns in Cumbria.

  2. Well, the Thames definitely wasn't phtalo blue :-) Not even green like on the second image. It is just that my inks tend to be in very clear colours, not dull muddy-green like the Thames is near Oxford.

  3. the thing you've captured that eludes many artists when depicting water is that the current is sort of circular. It doesn't run horizontally.