Saturday, 28 August 2010

Chomerac - Assignment

The colour drawing is the final drawing for this assignment. (Only one more before the end of this particular course.) It incorporates everything from the exercises I had to do, eg. landscapes, buildings, trees, statues, gates, a view through something, perspective (angular, linear and aerial), straight lined objects, natural forms and composition. We were instructed to add, delete or move objects to form a better composition and I deleted all the chimneys and pipes. The horizon view has been changed by bringing the mountains and fields 90 degrees to the left. (In reality, straight ahead, there is a lowered garden behind thick trees.) I moved the chateau 45 degrees to expose the facade with its orange shutters. I replaced a pool table with two pot plants from the R.H. garden and brought the foreground red flowers and lovely statue/fountain from behind to the front of the archway.

The jazz summer school students would recognise all the elements of the drawing but would know it is radically different to the real scene.

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  1. Very nice work, Sharon. As always, you really inspire me to learn to work with pastels. I like the way you used all the different exercises in one drawing. It is really useful to learn to reorder the elements of the composition. It is so easy just to be locked by the motive you see. It sounds like a really good course - I am envious.