Saturday, 24 April 2010

Crowd: LCF

Actually, the top row of heads were sitting in the balcony. I drew only some of the people in the back rows then added a few of the people from upstairs. I think the fact that they are all facing inwards makes it look more crowded. (In reality, it's more spacious.)


  1. It's really good, Sharon. It is quite difficult to draw crowds. I guess it is partly because it is always more difficult to draw multiples than single objects, but also because you have to work with perspective without having any strong lines to guide you.

    Is the guy at the back sleeping?

  2. LOL! It certainly looks that way, doesn't it? No, he was actually looking over the balcony and wearing glasses. The line is the bottom of his glasses (not a closed eye) but I ran out of time which is why he looks asleep. The other guy who looks asleep was actually reading.

    The woman on the left looking to the left is way too small but it was, as usual, an enjoyable challenge - thanks.