Monday, 29 March 2010

First time using colour... er...

Dashed this out really quickly - perhaps a bit too quickly. Was experimenting with the new calligraphy nibs and inks I just bought, but think I still need much more practice... Apologies for the bad photo. So what's the next assignment?

Am thinking we should try to meet up perhaps once every 2 months or something for drinks and to exchange our actual drawings.


  1. Pearlyn, you're amazing with colour! Those reflections are fantastic, reminds me of a pair of really shiny red shoes that I had when I was little.

  2. Whoa really? Thanks! Maybe cos I doctored the image on Photoshop, ha ha. The actual picture itself is a bit underwhelming. Had to use colour because the shoes are actually two-tone, and really blend into each other like that in the middle! The shiny bits are just Tippex, heh heh...

  3. Your style was really well chosen for the shoes. Very bold. Love the shape of the heel.

    It is better with a bad photo than not uploading anything. And it would be great to meet up and see the actual drawings at some point.